Two Teams of TES Ready to Compete in APICTA 2011

Two Teams of Telkom Institute of Technology (IT Telkom), Sparkins and Isara, ready to compete in international competitions Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA) hold on 8th to 11th of November 2011. The competition will take place at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Pattaya, Thailand. Two Indonesia contingents from IT Telkom fly to Thailand on today, Monday (7 / 11). Rector of IT Telkom, Ir.Ahmad Tri Hanuranto, MT offs the team three days before departure, Friday (4 / 11), in D building of IT Telkom campus.

At conferment night of Indonesia ICT Award (INAICTA) 2011 at the Jakarta Convention Center, Sparkins IT Telkom team got out as The Winner INAICTA Award 2011 for the category of applications in college-level. With this achievement, the IT Telkom team to be representative of Indonesia for competition obeying APICTA 2011. Sparkins Applications is a touch-based application for learning Perkins typewriter for children with visual impairment. The application is a solution to read and write for the blind on a tablet computer. These applications use the system of Chording Perkins Braille. With this application IT Telkoms team will represent Indonesia to compete in Tertiary Student Project category at the APICTA 2011.

Still by the INAICTA 2011 judging team Isara was mentioned by the juries as a very good project. Isara application is an application of sign language dictionary with NUI-based (Natural User Interface). This application is intended for the hearing impaired, speech impaired and anyone who wants to learn sign language,and by using Kinect as a sensor activator. Isara applications intended to learn sign language to be interactive, enjoyable and real time. Thus the juries proposed Isara team to be representative of Indonesia to follow APICTA 2011 on the category of Research and Development in APICTA 2011.

Sparkins team consisted of six students including M. Endri Irfanie, Cahyo Dwi Nugroho, Arnanto Akbar, Asendia Mayko, Ahmad Agung Ahkam, and Gita Savitri Putri. And the Isara team consists of Rizky Ario Nugroho, Muh Taufik Ismail, and three students who are also members of Sparkins, the Asendia Mayko, M. Endri Irfanie, and Ahmad Agung Ahkam.

APICTA Awards is an international event of creativity works and innovation in information and communication technology. Categories in APICTA include Communications, e-Government, e-health, e-Inclusions/e-community, e-learning, e-logistics/SCM, Financial Industry Applications, Industrial Applications, New Media / Entertainment, Research / Development, Secondary Student Project, Security Applications, start-up company, Tertiary Student Project, Tools and Infrastructure, Tourism and Hospitality, Sustainability and green IT.

In the event the IT Telkom team will compete with delegates from several countries like Australia, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Vietnam.

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